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Alphatase Hair Loss

Alphatase Hair Loss

Alphatase Hair Loss

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LA Nutrition’s Alphatase Advanced Hair Formula promotes new hair growth by delivering a special combination of vitamins and minerals, along with the Alphatase Proprietary Blend containing Saw Palmetto and Green Tea, which are both strong DHT inhibitors. When levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp become too high, hair loss ensues. DHT binds to the hair follicles, reducing nutrients extracted from the blood. Follicles shrink, hair becomes thinner, and then hair disappears completely without intervention.

Saw Palmetto (a palm plant native to North America) can block the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, which causes testosterone to convert into DHT, and is believed to prevent and reverse hair loss. Green tea, an extremely potent antioxidant, also reduces DHT and is believed to stop hair loss and facilitate the re-growth and health of hair. Saw palmetto and green tea with other active ingredients, such as Biotin, which is essential for hair growth, come together in LA Nutrition’s Alphatase Hair Formula to promote new hair growth for both men and women.


Bought it for my sister. She has been using this vitamin for a long time and she truly loves it. So I just purchase some for myself for the first time.

Kathy K Levittown, NY, US

I love these. Easy to swallow and helps with mood and vitamin d levels. I'm hoping it will help with cardiovascular items... heart and blood pressure.

Amy P. United States

Good product. I started noticing real results within a couple of weeks. Find your preferred way to use this with Vitamin C for maximum benefits.

Chanda C 76016, TX, US

So I haven’t been using this as much as I would like to because Of the taste but it’s a good sub for protein powder every once in a while!

Bryanna S Lomira, WI, US
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