LA Nutrition’s Prosta-B is specifically formulated to enhance prostate health and function. With age, many men experience swelling or enlargement of the prostate gland, which can lead to painful and difficulty in urination.LA Nutrition’s Prosta-B contains a special blend of naturally occurring anti-inflammatories, such as beta sitosterol, stinging nettle, cat’s claw, and shitake mushroom powder. Some studies have indicated that these nutrients may assist in the reduction of prostate inflammation. LA Nutrition’s Prosta-B also includes additional ingredients such as saw palmetto, made of essential fatty acids and sterols, which may be used to reduce urinary tract, genital and reproductive system problems. Likewise, pygeum africanum contains several chemicals benefiting the prostate, lowering the discomfort and frequency of painful urination and reducing swelling. Combined with other ingredients, vitamin B-6, zinc, and copper are said to work synergistically to support proper nutrient absorption, enhancing immune function and improving the body’s ability to fight bacteria.

LA Nutrition’s Prosta-B provides the body with the nutrients needed for proper prostate function. Those suffering from inflamed or enlarged prostate glands, and those suffering from painful or difficulty in urination should consider LA Nutrition’s Prosta-B as a supplement to their healthy diet.

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